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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


    Zoom - Juno DJ chart

    Esprit Records - Zoom - Juno DJ chart

    Zoom published his first DJ chart on Juno Download today, for december 2009. View the chart here.

    Esprit podcast 10

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_10.mp3]

    Our 10th Esprit podcast is a showcase of our forthcoming dnb and dubstep tracks, to be released on Esprit Records early in 2010.

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    Last FM

    Esprit Records - Last FM

    Listen to the music from our Esprit catalogue on the internet radio Last FM.

    Esprit podcast 9

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_9.mp3]

    New October 2009 Esprit podcast 9 is a dubstep episode with new music from Psyek, Zoom, Marino69 and No Money.

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    Psyek - Cursed video

    Esprit Records - Psyek - Cursed video
    Curse is like an unwelcome entity that lives inside you, it must be exorcised! Watch Psyek's Cursed video on Youtube. Cursed is forthcoming in 2010 on Esprit. And do not forget to visit our Esprit channel here too.

    Esprit podcast 8

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_8.mp3]

    New Esprit podcast 8 is a drum and bass episode with the latests from our Esprit camp. Bringing you the freshest tracks from Tellex, Dirrrty B, The Square, Wreckage Machinery, and Majestics.

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    Zoom - In Cold Blood (Psyek remix)

    Download file [ESP00ZF_zoom_-_in_cold_blood_(psyek_remix).mp3]

    Zoom – In Cold Blood (Psyek remix) is our free spring 2009 release. Dark dubstep track In Cold Blood was remixed by Psyek.

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    Esprit Podcast 7

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_7.mp3]

    Esprit Podcast 7 feature some of the best names in Czech and Slovak underground dance music. No Money are arguably the best dnb producers coming from Eastern Europe, and together with Philip TBC they have just released new track Hood Of Horror, which is a perfect start for our September 2009 podcast. The rest of it is dubstep music, new releases, remixes and dubs too. Enjoy.)

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    Marino69 - Black Hole

    Esprit Records - Marino69 - Black Hole
    Download file [ESP018F_marino69_-_black_hole.mp3]

    Black Hole is a brand new lo-fi downtempo track by Marino69. It's free to download under Creative Commons licence.

    YouTube Esprit

    Esprit Records - YouTube Esprit

    Esprit Records channel on YouTube has been just created. Please visit our channel for new audio clips, full length tracks and more to be added soon. For all old Esprit podcasts visit our SoundCloud pro­file.

    Marino69 - We Need Crash (Coldbreaker remix)

    Esprit Records - Marino69 - We Need Crash (Coldbreaker remix)
    Download file [ESP018P_marino69_-_we_need_crash_(coldbreaker_remix).mp3]

    We Need Crash was remixed by Marino's fellow producer Coldbreaker. Here we offer this dubstep/downtempo tune for free as a cool promo tune… Original mix We Need Crash is forthcoming this summer of 2009 in Marino69's new Crystalize EP.

    Interview with Marino69

    Interview with Marino69 – 19.3.2009. Only in czech & slovak.
    Q: Zoom

    A: Marino69

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    Interview with Wreckage Machinery

    Interview with Wreckage Machinery 18.3.2009.

    Q: Zoom

    A: Wreckage Machinery

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    Dirrrty B - Time To Change free track

    Esprit Records - Dirrrty B - Time To Change free track
    Download file [ESP015P_dirrrty_b_-_time_to_change.mp3]

    Dirrrty B – Time To Change is our new promo track, taken from the forthcoming Feel The Music EP by The Square and Dirrrty B. The EP will be out 6th April 2009. Enjoy the sneak preview in the form of this free mp3.

    Interview with Dirrrty B

    Interview with Dirrrty B. 17.3.2009. Pouze česky a slovensky.)

    Q: Zoom

    A: Dirrrty B

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    Esprit podcast 6 mixed by Dirrrty B

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_6_mixed_by_Dirrrty_B.mp3]

    February 2009 Esprit podcast is mixed by our best selling artist Dirrrty B. It is mainly liquid and deep drum and bass mix, including many fresh dubplates from Dirrrty B himself as well as new Esprit dubs forthcoming in 2009. Enjoy.

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    The Square - We live in a digital world

    This is the english original of the interview with The Square, taken from Shadowbox, czech dnb info server. The Square is interviewed by DJ Rudeboy, top czech liquid drum and bass DJ.

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    Drumstation party photos

    Photography by Mamba (Shadowbox).

    Drum­station party with Sigma, @ Cross Praha, 13 Dec 2008.

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    Esprit Podcast 5 mixed by Goro & Dephzac

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_5_mixed_by_Goro_&_Dephzac.mp3]

    Welcome to new Esprit Podcast 5, mixed by Slovakian neuro-funk riders Goro & Dephzac. Their new release on Esprit called Infinity dominates this podcast mix, and besides that it is full of recently uncovered dubs from Goro & Dephzac, Esprit Records and other dnb labels as well. Respected DJs in the Slovakian dance music scene, Goro & Dephzac show fine mixing skills and a good selection of tracks. Enjoy.)

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    Hemoglobin - The Grave

    Esprit Records - Hemoglobin - The Grave
    Download file [ESP011P_hemoglobin_-_the_grave.mp3]

    With the Nu Esprit EP approaching, we give away a free drum and bass mp3 track. This time the executioner is our main man Hemoglobin.

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