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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


    Zoom Summer 2010 Juno chart

    Esprit Records - Zoom Summer 2010 Juno chart

    Zoom published his summer JunoDownload chart full of dnb rollers, check it out right here.

    Infinity competition winners

    Thanks to all remixers for entering our competition. Goro & Dephzac – Infinity original has been listened to 2650+ on our Soundcloud. Samplepack was downloaded 974×. 28 remixes entered the competition, remixers from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary.

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    The Square - DOA Mix June 2010

    The Square makes the latest DOA mix. The Square just recently put out his debut album called For You on his own Portal Music imprint, and a summer vocal roller Everything Disappears on our Nu Esprit compilation album. Read the post for mix tracklisting, DOA interview link and more from this Austrian producer.

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    Esprit podcast 15

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_15.mp3]

    New Esprit podcast number 15 is focused on the freshest deep drum and bass music. Listen to new tracks from Dephzac, Blue Motion, Zoom, Subway Funk or M25 in this June 2010 podcast mix.

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    Marino69 - Paradise Of Evil

    Esprit Records - Marino69 - Paradise Of Evil
    Download file [ESP023P_marino69_-_paradise_of_evil.mp3]

    Brand new sensational dubstep tune Paradise Of Evil is now free download. This is the last single from Marino69's latest EP called Fatal Error. ESP023P, under a Creative Commons Licence.

    Tellex - Spider Web

    Esprit Records - Tellex - Spider Web
    Download file [ESP026F_tellex_-_spider_web.mp3]

    Tellex – Spider Web is our latest free promotional dnb track. Spider Web did not make it to the Nu Esprit album. However, Tellex has got two other tracks on Nu Esprit album.

    Everything Disappears featured on TID

    Vocal roller inside! Huge summer special cut from The Square who we have been repping on these pages. This is one for lovers of Hospital Records aka all of you! Massive beats in a smooth shell for sunny mixing sessions. Taken from a massive collection of summer rollers! Check them out – secret weapons inside!

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    MixCloud Esprit profile

    Esprit Records - MixCloud Esprit profile

    Mixcloud is re-thinking radio. Listen to great radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes on-demand and upload and promote your own Cloudcasts. Fo­llow Esprit Records on Mixcloud and listen to latest Esprit podcasts (cloudcasts) as well.

    Esprit podcast 14

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_14.mp3]

    Our new April 2010 podcast-mix fe­ature drum and bass music from our Esprit roster artists Blue Motion, Dephzac, Wenca, Wreckage Machinery, The Square and No Money.

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    Blue Motion - Recollection

    Esprit Records - Blue Motion - Recollection
    Download file [ESP025F_blue_motion_-_recollection.mp3]

    Blue Motion's debut release Diabolic on Esprit is approaching fast. Please take this free tune Recollection as a little preview of Blue Motion's deep and minimal dnb sound of 2010. Single Diabolic will come out on 1st April 2010. Recollection, cat­.no. ESP025F, is a free download under a Creative Commons Licence.

    Esprit podcast 13

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_13.mp3]

    Our new March 2010 podcast fe­ature drum and bass music from our Esprit roster artists Blue Motion, Neopsy, Dephzac and Tellex.

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    Dirrrty B na grilu

    Soldik griluje Dirrrtyho na grilu webu www.drumandbas­

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    Psyek: Dubstep uděláš i z dechovky

    Vyznavač DnB a dubstepu Psyek bydlí momentálně v Británii, takže náš rozhovor se točil hlavně okolo života a klubové scény v UK. Kritickým pohledem zhodnotil český model některých parties, doporučil zajímavá světová jména a probrali jsme také jeho produkci. Následující rozhovor je převzatý ze serveru

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    Marino69 - The Secret free release

    Download file []

    There are 6 new tracks in new Marino69's January 2010 release on Esprit. This release is devided into two halves. The first half contains 2 tracks Fatal Error and Kokotizmus and is purchasable from 21st January 2010 on various digital dance stores. The other half of the release is free to download…

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    Tellex - Hey Darling

    Esprit Records - Tellex - Hey Darling
    Download file [ESP021F_tellex_-_hey_darling.mp3]

    Free dnb track Tellex – Hey Darling is our very late Christmas present for you. ESP021F, free download under a Creative Commons Licence.

    Marino69 - Time To Slow It Down

    Esprit Records - Marino69 - Time To Slow It Down
    Download file [ESP023P_marino69_-_time_to_slow_it_down.mp3]

    With new Marino69's re­lease approaching, there is a brand new free track called Time To Slow It Down. Marino69 expe­riments with various dance music genres and this track is an amalgamation of dubstep, IDM and downtempo. ESP023P, free download under a Creative Commons Licence.

    Esprit podcast 12 mixed by Zoom

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_12_mixed_by_Zoom.mp3]

    Zoom mixes our first 2010 Esprit podcast, number 12. There are 12 tracks in the mix too, from well known dubstep heads like Kromestar or MRK1, and our label producers Psyek or Marino69 as well.

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    SoundCloud Esprit

    SoundCloud is a new online audio platform catering to the music professionals enabling them to collaborate, promote & distribute their music. Primarily SoundCloud provides a efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange music they are working on in private settings allowing for easy collaboration and communication prior to a public release.

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    Esprit Podcast 11 mixed by Psyek

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_11_mixed_by_Psyek.mp3]

    Psyek mixed our new december 2009 Esprit podcast. This grimey dubstep podcast mix is full of new music, remixes, VIPs and bootlegs too. Enjoy.

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    Zoom - Spirituality mix 2009

    Zoom mixed his first promotional dubstep mix called Spirituality. There are 23 tracks in the mix, by established dubstep producers, as well as up-and-coming artists from around the globe. It includes many tracks forthcoming on Esprit records too.

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