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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


    ESP021 - Tellex - Can't Get Enough

    Tellex kicks off 2010 in style with his debut single release on Esprit Records called Can't Get Enough. Tellex aka Saky (real name Rudolf Szakal) is a drum and bass music producer from Senec, Slovakia. He was one half of Soundia Gardner, they released 5 tracks total on Esprit in 2008. Tellex keeps Soundia Gardner's mellow dnb vibes.

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    ESP020 - DirrrtyB & Wreckage Machinery ft. Jett - Autumn Nights EP

    Autumn Nights is a smooth drum and bass vocal tune with a touch of autumn melancholia. A collaboration between artists from the USA, Austria, and Slovakia (Jett, Wreckage Machinery and Dirrrty B respectively), this mellow song and the whole EP by the same name came out today, 21st September 2009.

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    ESP019 - No Money & Philip TBC - Hood Of Horror

    No Money have been going from strength to strength in the last few years! They won Czech drum and bass awards (for best producers) two years in a row, and with recent vinyl and digital releases on various imprints (Rottun, Close 2 Death – just to name a few), they establish themselves as a dnb project to keep a close eye on.

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    ESP018 - Marino69 - Crystalize EP

    Crystalize is the third of Marino69s rele­ases on Esprit. The last two were Street Unknown EP and Expurgation EP respectively, and both of them were so dark and melancholic that people got creeps. Well because Marino69 produces not only dubstep but also downtempo and breakbeat, we have decided that time has come to show you more of his talent…

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    ESP017 - Nu Esprit 2 EP

    Nu Esprit 2 is the second volume of our liquid drum and bass compilation EPs. We keep things simple and when we say liquid dnb we mean it. Even neuro-funk oriented producers like Hemoglobin or Goro & Dephzac deliver liquid beats this time.

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    ESP016 - Andels feat. Myshelle - Qualities

    Andels produced a downtempo/dubstep gem, no doubt about that. Myshelle recorded the vocal for it, and it will come out (20th April 2009) as vocal and instrumental version too. This is what Andels tells us about the tune Qualities:

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    ESP015 - The Square & Dirrrty B - Feel The Music EP

    The Square and Dirrrty B work over contemporary dance genres like drum and bass and house music, but this Feel The Music EP is strictly liquid drum and bass as we like it. It's the first of their collab EPs to come out on Esprit. Tunes on the EP essentially sound the same and they are all of equal quality. It is the kind of EP on which any track could be someone's favo­rite.. 

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    ESP014 - Psyek - Teardrops

    Here comes the first release on Esprit this year 2009, from up-and-coming electronic music producer Psyek. Psyek is about to burst onto the dubstep scene, and he has really nailed it here!

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    ESP013 - Soundia Gardner - Perfect Sphere

    Soundia Gardner bring the funk with a nu school drum and bass single, out 3rd November 2008. With both tracks Perfect Sphere and Trip On The World on the flip you get tearing breakbeat riddims, searing basslines and echoed soft synths with a soft touch of electro melodies. The true highlight of this release is the ninety soconds long offbeat part in the Perfect Sphere, slowly layered synths with the flute like effect, delayed percussions and an atmospheric soundscape, no wonder that soon after the drop you realise this is a big track indeed.

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    ESP012 - Dirrrty B - Cold Like Ice

    Dirrrty B produces massive liquid tunes without a sweat and this one is no exception. Including cool vocal Cold Like Ice Hot Like Fire has got the potential to go all the way and become the first Esprit records anthem. Cold Like Ice and the remix by The Square are out now.

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    ESP011 Nu Esprit EP

    After spending the first half of 2008 dropping forward-thinking digital releases, we have geared up for our first various artists EP, entitled Nu Esprit, an EP showcasing new talents to craft fresh drum and bass music. This EP span a number of dnb sub-genres, from liquid funk aesthetics to neuro funk nightmares, and it has charted a path towards what the future music of Esprit will sound like.

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    ESP010 - Marino 69 - Expurgation EP

    Marino69 is fast becoming our best selling artist and you have the chance to listen to his second EP right now!

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    ESP009 - Dirrrty B - Burning 4U EP

    Dirrrty B is back with new summer EP! More liquid flavours for hot days and nights. Enter this post to download your FREE mp3 track, which did not make it to this EP!

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    ESP008 Wreckage Machinery - Take Care EP

    Wreckage Machinery's first Esprit EP gets released on 14th July 2008. This 4 tracks EP houses two different counterparts. Take Care sounds like a old-school jungle song, plus remix by Wreck's Austrian fellow producer The Square. On the other hand, Wretched Union passes the breaks category, and the whole EP ends with Zoom's dubstep/gri­me remix of the Wretched Union.

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    ESP007 Soundia Gardner - Getaway & Tonight

    Slovakian newcoming duo Soundia Gardner presents their debut drum and bass single Getaway & Tonight­. Strong new school and vocal house influences are heard from music of Soundia Gardner. These two talented guys from small town of Senec definitelly know what they are doing. Watch out for more music coming from Soundia Gardner in 2008!

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    ESP006 No Money - Just In Time & March

    Czech drum&bass 2007 awards winners (for best dnb producers and best song) No Money drop yet another of their fine music pieces. They make a debut on Esprit label with two equally good tracks, or shall I say two A-side tracks..?

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    ESP005 Hemoglobin - Insomnia & Unpleasant Surprise

    Heavy pressure from our dnb-metalhead Hemoglobin.

    Two bad tracks Insomnia and Unpleasant Surprise. These lovely songs will be available from the first week in April 2008, cat. no. ESP005.

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    ESP004 Marino 69 - Street Unknown EP

    Turn the page and find the next instalment of the Esprit label.

    Our bright talent Marino 69 takes you on a journey through empty sinister looking streets of the unknown city…with his 4 tracks debut on the Esprit label ( ESP004), out now!

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    ESP003 The Square - Let Me Go EP

    3rd digital release – cat.number ESP003 by the Austrian Maestro The Square is out now!


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    ESP002 Dirrrty B - Push It Higher & Things May Happen

    The Second digital release, cat.number ESP002 by the Slovakian supremo Dirrrty B featuring two of his best liquid 'fast soul' music up to date: Push It Higher and Things May Happen (Suddenly) are out now and you can purchase them on all good online dance music stores.

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