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Marino 69

Marino 69 is a talent from Slovakia. He started to produce music in the year of 2000. Originally a FastTracker and a simple wave editor user, Marino moved to a proper music creation software and produced music in techno and trance styles.

U-turn came in 2004, when Marino started to make drum'n'bass tunes. Fast forward 2007, and our man Marino 69 listens to dubstep for the first time in his life and gets hooked instantly.

He produces dubstep and experimental music since then and creates his own unique style out of a very limited resources. Marino's next big assignment is to get a recognition as a dubstep DJ;

Marino 69's 4 tracks debut on the Esprit label Street Unknown EP (digital release, ESP004) is out now! New Expurgation EP, ESP010, is out. Another 4 deep and dark dubstep/grime cuts. Marino69 is our most prolific dubstep producer, he is signed exclusively on Esprit Records.

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