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Blue Motion (Dirrrty B)

Blue Motion (aka Di­rrrty B), real name Michal Ratveisky, started to compose music in the early 90-ties, when he was 14 years old. Hardcore and gabber was popular in his homeland Slovakia (actually it wasn't possible to get a lot of electronic music at that time and it was better than nothing), so his first pieces were in this style. His first 'solo project' at the time was called 'Speed Freak'. There are no albums or singles from this time. (thanx god:)

Michal founded a project called 'Acid Pool' with his friend and schoolmate Boris Bucha in 1996, a success after all. Good pieces came up from this cooperation. In his own words, 'we were quite popular in our region, we were composing euro trance and house music, but this wasn't my style.'

So Michal left this project and founded a new one called 'Fatrice' with Juraj Patrovic and Linda Marcekova, back in 1998. 'We never had a particular style. We played house, techno, drum and bass, jungle, downtempo, hip hop. We were mixing computer sounds with live instruments and percusion. We also performed live appearances an­d organised par­ties in our region.' he says.

After 'Fatrice' broke up in 2001 Michal spent one year in Paris. He started a solo project and named himself 'Dirty Beat'. He found the pleasure in drum'n'bass breakbeats, in chillout, downtempo and trip hop.

Michal re­turned back to his hometown Martin in Slovakia in 2002 and met Marian Pavuk with whom he founded a new music project 'Ta­jara Mafish'. He speaks: 'we made some good pieces together. But we felt different ways. Marian was interested in French house and I inclined to drum'n'bass. So we broke up.'

Michal has been producing drum'n'bass as 'Dirty B' since 2003 and trip hop plus chillout music as 'Dog In The Piano' since 2006.

2008 has been a breakthrough year for Dirrrty Beat, he has released numerous liquid releases on various dnb labels. More of his tracks are planned to be released on Esprit Records soon, Dirrrty B is the best selling artist signed to our Esprit records label.

On a one cold deepblue night in November 2009, Dirrrty B & Eros decided after they did a dozen of tracks together, to create a project Blue Motion. All new tunes made by these two will be now linked to Blue Motion.

Blue Motion released their debut album called Stay Forever LP on triple vinyl on Influenza label. Blue Motion also released deep dnb single Diabolic & True Things on Esprit in 2010. As Eros left Blue Motion in 2012, Michal works solo on his new forthcoming long player entitled Kiss the Stars LP, which will come out in April 2013 on his own new dnb label Reverse Audio Group.

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