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ESP058 - iBSTRACT - Refractions LP

Duo iBSTRACT from Slovakia release a new drum and bass album on Esprit. Fourteen tracks are out and ready for your listening pleasure.

Based on their debut album Abstract Perceptions, which was released last year on Slovak label New Progress Ltd, iBSTRACT evolve their liquid drum and bass sound. They have already released singles on few other labels as well, not to mention first two singles on Esprit last year too. 

One year and a half in the making, their second full length album is called Refractions. There are ten drum and bass tracks and four tracks in slower tempo. Rich in synths, vibes and atmospheres, it can be easily labeled as liquid drum and bass. But somehow it is not just liquid, due to several other music producents who feature on the album. They are Gabanna, Dephzac, and Andras Madarasz respectively. The main guest on the album is Slovak guitarist BLT, who plays in seven tracks. The guitar really spice things up, the whole sound of the album is funky, jazzy and textured.

iBSTRACT have also mixed new Esprit podcast 43, check our Soundcloud for the audio.

Refractions album is sold on all good dance music online stores including Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Spotify etc. Please consider buying (the album or single tracks from the album) and supporting our small independent label and the producers who worked hard in the studio to produce this excellent music release.


iBSTRACT – Refractions LP

  • artist: iBSTRACT
  • release: Refractions LP
  • format: album
  • ESP058


  1. iBSTRACT – Gravitational Singularity
  2. iBSTRACT – Fusion
  3. iBSTRACT – Meotar (ft.Gabanna & BLT)
  4. iBSTRACT – Solar Eclipse (ft.Andras Madarasz)
  5. iBSTRACT – Rytual
  6. iBSTRACT – Day By Day
  7. iBSTRACT – Lazy Days (ft.Dephzac & BLT)
  8. iBSTRACT – Meandre
  9. iBSTRACT – Mountain Tops (ft.BLT)
  10. iBSTRACT – Storys of Crime (ft.BLT)
  11. iBSTRACT – Sublime
  12. iBSTRACT – Butterfly Nebula (ft.BLT)
  13. iBSTRACT – Pilgrim (ft.BLT)
  14. iBSTRACT – Ways (ft.BLT)

Start: 12.11.2015

Genre: drum and bass

UPC: 889845644613

Album credits: iBSTRACT – Igor Bajzik, Miroslav Ivan, BLT- Bálint Vavreczky, András Madarász, Gabanna- Gabriel Bordács. Dephzac- Radoslav Čepela

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