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Wreckage Machinery interview

We catch up with Mr. Chris aka Wreckage Machinery. This November 2014 interview centers about the music of course. We discuss his musical progress over the last six years or so. And we talk all things music, mentioning also the forthcoming Wreckage Machinery EP on Esprit Records.

Wreckage Machinery interview /November 2014

Zoom asks and Wreckage Machinery answers. 

Q1: Hi Chris, how are you? It has been over 6 years since the first Esprit release back in 2008. Please tell us about how has your music developed over the years.

A: Hi man, I’m fine thanks! Yea, to be honest… it feels already like 10 years (laughs). For me it seems that my first release back then on Esprit already gave a good glimpse of what is to come. The ‘Take Care EP’ was rather melodic and the played chords were easily to remember, so I tried to stick to this formula whenever I released on Esprit in the following years. You could say I was aiming here for a recognition value. In the last years I pretty much tried to broaden my horizon, and kind of to give back my name its initial meaning with Neurofunk releases. These found a rather big following and I would say my prime era in this genre has been my time under the roof of the Berlin based label ‘Trust in Music’ between 2011 – 2013. Daniel, the former head of TRIM, gave me full control over my productions but also gave always really great feedback on what could be improved. This cooperation lead to a real push to my workflow and sound and motivated me to combine Neurofunk with more melodic parts. These were the years when I tried to give most of my music a rather epic touch. A good example for this could be my remix for Xilent’s ‘Outer Inside’ or my track ‘Centaur’. Thanks to these experiments I discovered my new interest in producing orchestral pieces. With ‘Hourglass’ I gave the drastic genre change a shot and released it on my own Bandcamp page, and it has been one of my most successful releases to this date. With lots of releases in between, gigs in half of Europe and in the USA, it sure has been a journey.

Q2: Did you study multimedia/new media at university?

A: Yes for quite a while and I enjoyed it a lot but I had to discontinue it due to several personal reasons which, like often in life, all stormed in like a juggernaut at once. Instead, after a break, I graduated in Music Business Management and did workshops, seminars all in the direction of Multimedia and Marketing. I also started an internship at a company few years back. After 3 months I received the offer/chance to work in the Marketing Management Department of said company, for which I am very thankful. This gave me the chance to learn a lot from my work life and to focus on music in the evenings and weekends.

Q3: What are your favourite artists from Austria?

A: Well, Mefjus is of course one of our well-deserved number one exports currently. Bowsar & Fourward have also really pushed themselves to new levels in the past years. Not to mention Camo & Krooked. IllSkillz also did some amazing stuff in the last months. RoyGreen & Protone, Paul SG,… There are just too many in this little country to mention.

Q4: You have been producing neuro funk and liquid funk too. Is it not a schizophrenic in the terms of music production?

A: (Laughs) Yea a little bit. I am always a little bit split apart by wanting to do both (and more), since they are so contraire. Not to mention the orchestral music. Same goes for my life in general. There’s Chris, and then there’s Wrecky who jumps around on stage. But luckily 90% of my fans are really open-minded guys and girls. The real die-hard ones, who support me in most ways, are really a blessing. Actually I’ve seen them supporting me with comments, emails, likes, gifts and purchases so much, that I already have a pretty long list of names from around the globe in my head. In the past I had the chance to have a beer with a few of them when I was playing near them and they came to the gig, but I would love to meet way more in the future. I really dig the power of Neurofunk and enjoy the melodies in deep Liquid DnB, so Liquidfunk is a good mix and compromise and also really fun to produce.

Q5: How do you produce your orchestral music and what is the feedback about it?

A: I usually tend to start either with a few chords on the piano or straight with some violas. The amazing thing, that I notice very often, is that it’s many times even easier to write melodies with string-instruments, layering some notes, adding accents, and then when you play the exact same keys on the piano it sounds really amazing. Once the basic ground is laid out I try a few ideas, record maybe some guitars to see if they fit, and then progress from there. It is really a rather self-writing process. One of the trickiest parts is the mix-down as the frequency spectrum in orchestral music is so wide and dynamic.

Q6: Please elaborate about the Neurosphere show and your cooperation with Xilent.

A: I met Xilent meanwhile more than half a decade ago through a rather unknown label that doesn’t even exist anymore. We chatted for a while and realised we have actually many things in common that still make us freak out this very day (laughs). It has always been a very supportive friendship and in terms of music I think we both learned quite a bit from giving each other honest feedback on our productions. The initial reason for the Neurosphere Show, believe it or not, was actually a podcast I did in 2011 or 2012 for Esprit Records! During that time I listened to a lot of scientific but also comedic podcasts, where guys discussed things and recorded it. Due to this, it somehow got stuck in my head that my own personal definition of a podcast is a hosted recording and one, for example with music but without talking, is just a simple mix; Or a mix-series. The Esprit Podcast I did back then is still out there in the depths of the internet and when you listen to it you can hear how new I was to this thing. Not to mention that I sounded very lonely (laughs). So Xilent agreed on that, and we wanted to do something that has not really been done before. We sat down one evening and planned through the entire Neurosphere Show, created a logo, put down some guide-rules, etc. You could call it a master-plan. We are still editing that master-plan with future adjustments and expansion plans, but meanwhile by simply discussing it and not writing it down anymore.

Q7: There is your new EP forthcoming on Esprit. Please tell us more about this new EP.

A: The EP ‘Worlds Apart’ is a mix of brandnew material and music that I already released through my own Bandcamp page. Many people told me that it is a shame that on Bandcamp, music only gets released to such a small audience and actually they are right. Most of the people I talk to don’t even know what Bandcamp is and what it does, even though it is a powerful website and a tool. So luckily I found once again a safe harbour at Esprit Records with this project and wrote two new tunes for that EP. The title-track ‘Worlds Apart’ is my personal favourite and was very interesting to produce. I hope others will enjoy it just as much.

Q8: What are your plans? Are there any news that you want to share with the fans?

A: There are always a couple of big secret plans, which need time to develop and others that have been on the sketch board for quite a while and are very close to their finalisation. For example in terms of the Neurosphere, there is a whole Website in the making. Expansions to iTunes and maybe Spotify are planned. Merchandise. Then a couple of further things and plans that I am not “allowed”, by our own rules, to name yet; But definitely exciting stuff, which has not been done before. By January 2015 I will probably have a 20 pages long concept for one of the goals. And for Wreckage Machinery: basically more music and gigs and hopefully meeting more fans.

Q9: Your actual top5 tracks. Thanks and keep up the good work.

A: In random order:

  • Ramzoid – Borders
  • Xilent – ??? feat. ???
  • Nero – Satisfy (Insect Remix)
  • Wreckage Machinery – Worlds Apart
  • .. and…speaking of contraire genres: Slipknot – The Devil in I

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