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ESP055 - iBSTRACT - No More Happy

Debut Esprit release this September! Goro and Eiwen from Slovakia, together producing music as iBSTRACT, present their debut single on Esprit called No More Happy. iBSTRACT give us two awesome drum and bass tracks and they are really artists to keep an eye on.

Goro and Eiwen produce the beats which are liven up massively by clarinet player Panther and a guitar player BLT. Music sounds live, in a fact it is a proper band. Two tracks No More Happy and REM are drum and bass instrumentals locked at 170 BPM, they sure will fit to any new drum and bass set you might hear at your local dance music club too. Terrific fresh music, please check our Esprit Soundcloud for clips or download the full release at your favourite digital music store.

iBSTRACT – No More Happy


  1. No More Happy
  2. REM

Start: 25.9.2014, genre: drum and bass

This release is also sold on Beatport. 


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