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ESP047 - Esprit Flashback Vol.2

We celebrate five years of Esprit Records label with the second retrospect of our music, this time a drum and bass flashback, featuring our top ten jungle/dnb tracks since 2008.

Various Artists – Esprit Flashback vol.2


01. Zoom – My Soul (Wreckage Machinery remix)
02. Neopsy – Summer Sunday
03. Peejay – Wall Street
04. Dirrrty B – Cold Like Ice
05. Hemoglobin – Zeroes
06. Wenca – Forever In My Heart
07. Dephzac – We Are Together
08. Wreckage Machinery – Paradox
09. Zoom – The Moon
10. Soundia Gardner – Perfect Sphere 

Start: 18.04.2013
Genre: drum and bass
Total time: 61:53

This compilation is also sold on Beatport.

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