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ESP043 - Zoom - After Dark

We do not release a long play album every month, in a fact a debut album After Dark by Zoom is only a second album released on Esprit, after Nu Esprit various artists compilation back in 2010.

After Dark album was written and produced over a period of 6 months, from October 2011 to March 2012.It is a multigenre album with emphasis to deep drum and bass and dubstep, but two four-to-the-floor tracks are there too. So it is a 170BPM track after 140BPM and so on, rather minimal beats and breaks with punching subbasses and lots of percussions everywhere. Rough beats with thick bassdrums, delayed stabs, deep pads, rims and all kinds of reverbed percussions are present in each track, Zoom also uses beautiful echoed Hindi vocals in most of his music on this album.

This heavy influence of the Indian culture and the Indian subcontinent is shown in Elephant and Castle. It is a 120 BPM electronic song with a rather minimal vibes, this a little bit chaotic South London crossroad is echoed in a blend of all kinds of melodies, vibes and beats, layered percussions and delayed vocals. Shiva – the Hindu God of a dance and destruction, with Shiva repetitive delayed vocal all over the track is a house flick with minimal beats and deep bass. But except these two, the album is full of drum and bass and dubstep.

Deep dnb is Zooms major interest right now, listen to Black Pearl or Out of CTRL to keep up to date with Zooms new sounds. There is even one drumstep track – Sandalwood, tempo of 174BPM.

If you want to hear a new album of western underground dance music filled with Indian vocals, in­struments and deep vibes, look no further. Zoom deliveres a nice variery of tempos and beats in his meditative debut long player on Esprit Records.


01. After Dark
02. Bluetooth
03. The Moon
04. Chandigarh
05. Memories
06. Cherry Bomb
07. Black Pearl
08. Brixton
09. Sandalwood
10. Elephant and Castle
11. Out of Ctrl
12. Nightshift
13. The Wasteland VIP
14. Shiva 

Start: 26.4.2012
Genre: drum and bass, dubstep, electronic

This release is also sold on Beatport.

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