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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


Peejay is a drum and bass producer and DJ from the Czech Republic. Before he started producing dnb music, Peejay played guitar in a rock outfit, but soon after the band broke up he progressed smoothly to electronic music realm, dnb in particular.

Peejay started to mix in a PC program Traktor but soon he switched to proper vinyl turntables. He frequently DJs at local parties in the Czech Republic alongside fellow DJs from the Interface crew.

Peejay started to fulfill his vision as a dnb producer few years ago. Soon after he won Youngblood dnb talent competition (hosted by drumandbas­, his track Last Time made it to this dnb compilation at no.1 position with a competition nowhere close enough to his producing skills. Peejay's sound is deep yet mellow, his intricate drums are full of percussions, accompanied with big basslines as well. Wall Street/Intros­pection is Peejay's debut single out now on Esprit Records.

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