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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


Zoom is a DJ and music producer from Brno, Czech Republic. He got first involved with music as a six years old kid, when he started to play piano. He quit unfortunatelly at the age of eleven so now he has to learn tones and music composition all over again…

Zoom listens to electronic music since mid 90ties, drum and bass and IDM in particular. The turn of the millenium Zoom spends as a serious clubber in his native city of Ostrava, and at the concerts of electronic outfits like Massive Attack or Tribal Drift in Prague, with regular party trips to London to The End or Fabric. Zoom started to experiment with music making software Propellerheads Reason in 2000. He dropped his first breakbeat demo into the circulation in 2002, being influenced heavily by Plump DJs and Adam Freeland. Few tracks from this demo were broadcasted on local Prague's Radio1 in the Breakbeat Conference show.

Zoom completed his education at Film School Zlin, where he was taught photography by forefront Czech photographer Pavel Dias, motion picture camera by Slovak cinematographer Juraj Fandli, sound by Jiri Zobac, and editing by local animation master Mr.Krska. Zoom graduates in the summer of 2002, field subject audiovisual work in cinema and TV, and his graduation work is a short film called Lednicka, directed by Jiri Divis. Petr (aka Zoom) is credited in this film as a sound engineer and also as an editor.

Zoom moves to London in the autumn of 2004, where he spends the next three years. He goes for London because of its thriving music scene, and he settles in the infamous southern borough of Brixton. Fabio and Grooverider are originally from Brixton, these two are Zoom's major influence and inspiration. Zoom starts to work in a local vinylshop, and he spends his first money to get a pair of Technics SL1210s, and his love for vinyl has endured to this day. South London is fast becoming the epicenter of the dubstep movement, and Zoom's first visit to the legendary DMZ party in Brixton's The Mass club in 2005 turns his music taste upside down and dubstep fast becomes Zoom's main interest.

After his homecoming to the Czech Republic, Zoom settles in Brno and starts to build his own music studio. He shifts to Cakewalk Sonar and gets to the music production process more seriously. He finds his own indie music label called Esprit Records in february 2008, to help up-and-coming dubstep and dnb producers from Central Europe, e.g. Dirrrty B from Slovakia, or The Square from Austria, just to name a few. Esprit Records soon turns out to be a success, today with a music catalogue of 70+ tracks, Esprit podcasts, and a strong worldwide digital distribution. Zoom works in the studio on his new music material for his label Esprit Records, as well as for other music labels. He mixes new dubstep promomix called Spirituality in November 2009, this promomix includes his own forthcoming music, planned to be released in 2010.

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