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Philip TBC

Philip T.B.C. is regarded as one of the most gifted DJs coming from the Czech Republic. He is a veteran dance music DJ and he never follows single music genre, but instead his live-act is always a unique blend of drum and bass, dubstep, breaks and downtempo with all kinds of hip-hop techniques such as scratching, beatjuggling or beatcutting. His DJing skills and reputation are indisputable, but his own music production is widely unknown, because there are just few releases under his belt. Philip has been recently back in the studio with fellow Czechs No Money, working on fresh dubstep and dnb material, and some of this new music has been signed to Esprit Records.

ESP019 – No Money & Philip T.B.C. – Hood Of Horror is a heavy dnb smasher, out in the summer of 2009.

Check out Philip T.B.C.'s website philiptbc­.com to listen to his music, watch his video or to download his sets.

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