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No Money

No Money is the hottest new Drum & Bass duo on the block. Consisting of George Ramik aka DJ C.Phone and Johnny Kurecka aka DJ Limitedd, No Money are setting dancefloors alight with their unique blend of heavy hitting, crowd pleasing D&B.

Both renowned DJs in their home country, the pair who hail from Ostrava, Czech Republic made their names as part of a local crew called Dvoika.Troika. In 2004 however, the urge to create music and transfer the energy they've enforced onto many dancefloors into productions of their own pushed them to join forces in the studio.

Drawing inspiration from all of the sub-genres of drum & bass, but particularly neurofunk, No Money manage to marry together the sounds of adamant rebellion and precise beats and basslines.

Starting off their musical career on the digital label Evopro Recordings, No Money released their debut LP Drum Drama upon the world and quickly garnered a widespread internet fan base. Their subsequent singles, especially 'Warporizer', a collaboration with Brazilian DJ Ban Ban on Future Pressure Recordings, have cemented their reputation as artists to watch and Nu Urban Music, the world's premier D&B distributor has picked them up for an exclusive deal.

DJs such as Ed Rush, State of Mind, Moving Fusion, Purple Unit, Paul B, Counterstrike, Masheen, Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith, Sigma and AK1200 have all been smashing their forthcoming works on dub and it's not going to be long before their popularity spreads like the clap in a whorehouse.

Look out for immanent releases on Ease Up, Protogen and Future Pressure, to be followed swiftly by plenty more dancefloor anxiety. No Money also hosts Much Louder, a regular drum & bass night in their home town of Ostrava as well as a regular radio slot on Helax Radio (Fatal Terror Show – 93,7 FM).

No Money's debut on the Esprit digital label Just In Time & March is out now.

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